Glen Falls School: The True Stars of Saint John

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Aug 8, 2022 10:06:17 AM


    One of 69 schools in the Anglophone South School District, Glen Falls School represents only a small percentage of the students in Saint John, New Brunswick. While membership among such a large group provides opportunities for collaborations and community, it also comes with challenges. Similar to the way in which a child of a large family may receive divided attention from their parents, small schools like Glen Falls must share the District’s resources with surrounding institutions. Nonetheless, the uniqueness of Glen Falls School cannot be ignored and is even represented by its mascot — a bright, yellow star.

    Acknowledging the many merits of their students and community, the school’s faculty and board continually strive to improve Glen Falls School. With the mission to, “[provide] a positive, safe learning and working environment,” the school recently reached out to Sport Systems to help renovate their gymnasium. After experiencing water damage from a recent flood, the facility was no longer suited for use.

    Wanting to provide the Glen Falls Stars with the very best that basketball equipment has to offer, we teamed up with our partners at Interior Visions. Serving as our on-site hands and feet, Interior Visions got to work providing the school with excellent customer service and gathering all of the necessary measurements that our team needed for production. From there, our team supplied two wall mounted systems with glass backboards and four side court systems with steel, fan-shaped backboards. We also manufactured new safety wall padding to be placed underneath each basketball system. The final stage of the project was the careful installation by our partners at Interior Visions. The equipment was installed on time and is now in place and ready for use in yet another school year.

    While these shining, new additions to the gym certainly enhance the space, the ultimate goal was to provide students with a gymnasium in which they can shine. After all, it’s the students who are the true stars of the school, and we are proud to have been able to encourage their love for sports.


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