How Sturdy Are Free-Standing Ballet Barres?

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Sep 28, 2021 2:42:32 PM

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    For many successful athletes, training begins at an early age. Over the course of their careers, many players go through numerous pieces of gear and equipment due to their growing size or from the wear and tear of the game. While ballerinas have a similar experience in their discipline, one item that is able to withstand the test of time is a ballet barre. An investment in a high-quality, durable barre does more than simply save you money in the long run; a long-lasting barre serves as a constant reminder of all the years your dancer has sacrificed in perfecting their craft.

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    One of the most recommended products that we offer is our Prodigy Series: Freestanding Ballet Barre. Offering a single and double bar design for purchase with wood or powder-coated aluminum finishes, it is an excellent choice for any ballerina. The barre’s adjustable height (6”-46”) allows for it to grow with each student, while its sturdy build promises the ability to last for years to come. Also special about this product is its ability to follow your ballerina wherever they go; whether moving from one house to another, or transitioning from an old studio to a new one, our portable ballet barre will be there every step of the way. 


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    Despite the benefits that ballet offers for children as young as toddlers, such as an advanced vocabulary and understanding of their bodies (“7 Remarkable Benefits of Ballet Classes for Toddlers”), some parents do not recognize their child’s interest in the sport until they are older. For students who start their training at an older age, the purchase of our Professional Series: Freestanding Ballet Barre serves as a rewarding investment. Similar to the ballet barres from the Prodigy Series, the Professional Series offers both single and double bar designs. Ideally employed in commercial use and not intended for frequent transport, this series offers the durability needed to sustain continued use throughout the years. This product also allows for adjustable height from 20”-46” as your child continues to grow.

    Vita Vibe Ballet Blog Extreme Series-01The most durable product that we offer is the Extreme Series: Freestanding Ballet Barre. While the height is not adjustable to accommodate a growing student, it does have the ability to accompany a professional throughout their entire career. Offering the longest length options of all our barres and therefore able to support the most dancers at once (2’ per ballerina), this product is built for heavy use. While our other barres are offered in wood or powder-coated aluminum finishes, this product replaces the option of an aluminum finish with a much stronger powder-coated steel.

    Whether used to teach students the most elementary principles of dance, or installed in the practice studio of the New York City Ballet, barres are an essential tool for all dancers. At Sport Systems, we offer products that are suitable for dancers of all stages, guaranteeing quality and durability.


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