Customized Wall and Door Padding for École Voyageur in Alberta

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Mar 30, 2017 4:01:00 AM


    Once again, we traveled to the wonderful and wild Canadian west to Cold Lake, Alberta, this time to work with L'école Voyageur, part of Alberta’s French-speaking conseil scolaire centre-est school board.

    The school, which operates exclusively in the French language, needed a specialized padding solution for use in their gymnasium and turned to our expert sales team for advice.  While padding can sometimes be considered rather rudimentary, the truth is, it is often far from routine and that was certainly the case with this project.

    The school was interested in placing wall padding beneath their basketball systems, but the layout of the gymnasium made it slightly more complex from a design standpoint.  As every facility is different, the gymnasium at école Voyageur featured a doorway just to the left of the basketball system, which obviously would not allow for a standard wall padding installation.

    As a precaution to keep students and athletes safe, especially during high-intensity play, the school wanted to ensure the padding solution could be extended from the wall and across the doorway. This design, while challenging in theory, was handled exquisitely by our padding department.

    After acquiring the necessary on-site measurements, our padding team worked closely with our designers to create a solution built to fit the unique needs of the gymnasium.

    The finished product is a comprehensive, integrated and extremely safe wall and door padding product that adequately covered all areas, reducing the risk of possible injury.  In addition to the design of the padding, the school also worked with our design team in incorporating the school’s logo into the design which was printed across the padding.

    What is now displayed is not only a safe solution to a previous problem but one that exudes a proud athletic and school culture.


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