A Custom Inside Guardrail for W. Ross McDonald School for the Blind

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Jan 23, 2023 5:00:00 AM


    Operating as the only school in the province of Ontario for blind and deafblind students, W. Ross McDonald School draws students from across Canada to its location in Brantford and also offers a residence to accommodate students from out of province. In addition to providing a supportive curriculum to enrolled students, the school also provides various programming through short-term programs for neighbouring school boards.

    The school has a number of special features designed to aid students in navigating around the buildings. Varied materials and textures in walls and flooring as well as eye-level windows further enhance the experience for students at the school. In addition to these features, the school is also equipped with an athletics program for the student body.

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    Topics: Accessibility, Custom Fabrication

    Equipping the Next Generation: Collaborating with Science North

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Oct 14, 2021 3:23:25 PM

    Image of customized bench seating with tablets attached.

    While books will always be an important educational resource, museums present an opportunity to reflect on history and nature in an interactive way. One might conclude that the true value of information is often unrecognized until it is put into practice. As a hands-on company, Sport Systems strives to take information and turn it into tangible products that serve a purpose. Putting our drive into practice, our team eagerly accepted Science North’s invitation to build customized seating solutions in one of their newest exhibits.

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    Topics: Benches, Custom Fabrication

    Our Custom Fabrication Department Aids in the Expansion of the Dairy Distillery

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Mar 4, 2021 7:06:50 AM


    Hearing the words “dairy” and “distillery” together can create some immediate feelings of confusion and bewilderment. Traditionally, we associate distilleries with our favourite whiskey, tequila, gin and vodka producers. Most alcohol is created using products such as barley, corn, wheat, agave, juniper, potatoes and other grains. So, you may still be asking, how and where are dairy products being used to distill alcohol?

    Luckily for us, it happens to be directly next door to our production facility and head office in beautiful Almonte, Ontario. Established only a few short years ago, the Dairy Distillery has taken the alcohol industry by storm with their innovative and environmentally-friendly vodka product, Vodkow.

    Artfully bridging the gap between artisanal distilling techniques and cutting-edge technology, this organization has found a way to transform milk sugar into an incredible-tasting spirit.

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    Topics: Custom Solutions, Custom Fabrication

    Our Innovative Approach to Custom Fabrication

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Aug 25, 2020 3:30:00 AM


    One of the many fortunate by-products of building a world-class team around a business idea is the undeniable opportunities an organization can realize through determination and hard work. Having started out as a father and son business back in the 1970s, we began with a dream that still holds true today; to be a value-focused organization with an eye on the future.

    Those values include operating with character and integrity, serving our clients to the very best of our ability and providing the very best products to our ever-expanding customer base.

    As we grew from our infancy as a basketball hoop manufacturer into what we are today, we have been fortunate to have added an array of talent to surround ourselves with. From our award-winning sales department to our engineers to our welders and fabricators, we have set our sights on Building A Better Game in everything we do.

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    Topics: Custom Solutions, Custom Fabrication

    New Custom Vendor Kiosks for the Downtown Kingston Business Improvement Area

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Aug 20, 2020 7:26:46 AM


    While we tend to specialize in the sports and athletic field, we have become much more of a versatile business over the years. Continuing to proudly service the athletic space, we have also become highly sought after as a field custom fabricator for many of our existing customers and for new ones too.

    With decades of experience under our belts and a recently expanded design and fabrication facility, these custom opportunities came to us as a by-product of our years of hard work and constant innovation. With our humble beginnings firmly rooted in the manufacture of basketball hoops, we have evolved into providing large-scale seating structures such as grandstands, or just about anything our customers can dream up.

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    Topics: Custom Solutions, Custom Fabrication

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