Equipping the Next Generation: Collaborating with Science North

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Oct 14, 2021 3:23:25 PM

    Image of customized bench seating with tablets attached.

    While books will always be an important educational resource, museums present an opportunity to reflect on history and nature in an interactive way. One might conclude that the true value of information is often unrecognized until it is put into practice. As a hands-on company, Sport Systems strives to take information and turn it into tangible products that serve a purpose. Putting our drive into practice, our team eagerly accepted Science North’s invitation to build customized seating solutions in one of their newest exhibits.

    A science and history museum located in Greater Sudbury, Ontario, Science North appeals to alternative learning styles to reading and writing. To understand the importance of supplemental learning resources, one may note the difference between reading a story versus watching it portrayed on film. A film adaptation can sometimes have a more lasting impact than the original literary source. With this in mind, Science North has been equipped with resources that include a beautiful IMAX theatre. It is in this theatre that seemingly dry or unrelatable topics are taught to individuals in an exciting manner.

    Incorporating visual content into their lessons, a new interactive display at Science North has been introduced. Implementing the use of individual tablets for each viewer, the customized seating expertise of Sport Systems was requested to help connect the seated user to the experience on-screen. The finished product is bench-style seating that can conveniently accommodate the virtual interactions between viewers and the content being displayed.

    Image of customized bench seating with tablets attached.

    While the extensive, four-story museum has benefited from many different collaborations and resources, our team is excited to have contributed to Science North’s success in a small way. Understanding the desire of children to learn through new, exciting, and interactive means, Sport Systems is glad to have contributed towards educating the next generation. After all, if the world is going to change for the better, society needs individuals with a deeper understanding of it.

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