5 Sectors We Serve That You Might Not Have Thought About

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Jun 30, 2016 9:15:26 AM


    Sure, we do a lot of work in the athletic and sports industry.  Our company name and tagline firmly reflects it.

    While we do handle a great deal of projects in the athletic industry varying from municipalities, colleges, universities to private athletic institutions, our products can be found in more places than most might think. As we continue to establish our growing brand and reputation, we are constantly moving the needle on the expansion of our stellar product line.  As our selection and capabilities grow, not only are we able to serve more of our traditional customers, we are able to expand our offerings into new industries and sectors.

    With that in mind, here are five areas in which we operate our business that many of our customers might be surprised to hear us being involved in. 


    The need for adequate healthcare is not one that is going anywhere anytime soon.  One of our fastest growing divisions is that of our custom padding department and our customers and partners in the healthcare industry are fueling that fire.

    With more specialized care facilities opening each and every year, comes an expanding need for not only great care, but also great amenities.  With the addition of calming rooms to many facilities, our specialized padding is used to safely pad walls and other obstructions in certain areas of facilities such as hospitals, mental health treatment centres and detention centres.


    In addition to keeping humans safe during athletic play, the veterinary market is taking notice of the design and quality of our padding department.  We have since rolled out a complete line of veterinary padding products tailor-made for facilities that care for both large and small animals.  We proudly provide highly-customized padding solutions for kennels, trailers and vans, surgical tables, recovery rooms, head supports and neonatal bedding.


    The brave men and women of both the Canadian and United States Armed Forces deserve the best and when it comes to their training facilities, nothing else will do.  In addition to providing military bases and training facilities with bleachers, benches and other equipment, we have seamlessly designed an entire product line based on the Canadian Armed Forces training program.  Our Sand Bag Floor Covers allow military trainees to drag massive sand bags across a gym floor without causing any damage to the surface in the process.

    These specialized gym floor covers have also been picked up by other enforcement agencies and training facilities across North America since their inception in 2014.

    Places of Worship

    When we think of churches, synagogues, mosques and other religious places of worship, sports and athletics are not typically top of mind.  Despite this thinking, the fact is that many places of worship house gymnasiums, outdoor basketball courts and other athletic fields.  We proudly supply bleachers, basketball equipment, gym floor covers, volleyball and badmintonequipment to a variety of places of worship.

    In addition to sporting supplies, many places of worship also have a need for proper spectator seating products such as telescopic gym bleachers, outdoor bleachers and fixed seating solutions.

    Festivals and Fairs

    The summer is one of the busiest times of the year when it comes to festivals, events and fairs.  These events house thousands of people each and every year, and in many cases have become staple events in their community, town, county or even country.

    As such, we supply a great deal of bleacher and grandstand seating to these kinds of community events.



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