A Small Community with a Great Love of Sports: Grand Manan Community School Receives New Bleachers

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Feb 1, 2022 10:31:07 AM

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    An "island community” often brings to mind images of warm and exotic places. However, these communities often exist a lot closer to home than we realize. Situated off the coast of Maine, in the Canadian province of New Brunswick, Grand Manan Island shares similar beginnings with most islands that were settled by Europeans in the 18th century.

    Currently home to approximately 2700 people, the dominating industry has been reliant upon
    the ocean’s resources since the establishment of the island in 1784 (“Grand Manan Island”). Serving grades K-12, Grand Manan Community School takes pride in the opportunities they provide for their students. Wishing to further enhance the experiences of their students, the
    school invited our team to renovate their gymnasium’s old, wooden bleachers.

    Due to the island’s location and distance from our headquarters, our normal process of preparation required additional forethought. Fortunately, our professional connections with local businesses enabled us to obtain accurate measurements of the site before we even left our main office. Upon arriving on the island, which is only accessible by small aircraft or ferry, we were fully prepared to get to work immediately.

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    Once we arrived at the school, our team was greeted with warmth and hospitality. Receiving the
    final approval of our shop drawings, we worked hard to bring them to life. We ultimately installed some new Kodiak 2400 Series Bleachers and the school was more than satisfied with their investment. It is the hope of our team that these new bleachers will continue to encourage community support of the island’s students and all of their athletic endeavors.

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