Accessorize and Enhance Your Fixed Seating

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Dec 1, 2017 4:04:00 AM

    Whether you operate a theatrical, educational or athletic facility, at one point or another, seating is going to come into the mix. As you sift through countless brochures and websites, you finally find the right chair to suit your needs and budget.
    Depending on what sort of organization you represent, your search could end there. For many others, that tends to only be the beginning of the journey.
    Once a fixed chair is selected for your auditorium or other large space, the next step is to determine if the seat alone will meet the needs of your prospective spectators or students.
    Whether you want to dress the chair up, need some electrical connectivity or need a semi-permanent seating option, there are options available to you.
    Below we break down some of the most popular and common upgrades made to fixed seating purchases across a variety of industries.
    If you are reading this, you are utilizing a device that requires electricity at some point in its operational life. Particularly common in scholastic settings, the addition of electrical outlets to fixed seating is common and is an add-on many educational facilities cannot do without.
    Besides standard outlets, these can also be equipped with phone and data jacks to bring connectivity to a whole other level.
    Let’s face it, if you are placing these seats in any sort of public place, they have to look good. We also can equip fixed chairs with many eye-pleasing accessories.
    Choose from a variety of custom chair backs and bottoms, available in custom colours and wood grain designs. We also provide our customers with different arm rests, cup holders, trays and arm panels.
    The term fixed seating is misleading in itself, at least in this case. While the majority of auditorium seats we install are in a permanent fashion, we do have the option for a semi-permanent installation.
    We supply optional semi-permanent mounting brackets that allow these chairs to be moved in or out of the facility when not in use, opening up the space for a number of other events and activities.

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