Accessorize Your Courtside Seating

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Feb 18, 2016 11:30:55 AM


    As teams and brands typically emblaze their logos and team colours on each individual seat, what many do not realize is that the customization and available accessories for courtside seating goes much further than that.

    The flexibility and durability of our courtside seating solutions cannot be beat. Manufactured using 18-gauge steel, every aspect of the seat design has taken into account supporting a variety of weight classes. While these seats are among the best in the industry as far as design is concerned, they are also available with a variety of accessories and add-ons that only cement their value further in the minds of athletic directors and facility owners and operators.

    Tablet Arm Chairs


    With the student in mind, these versatile additions allow these durable chairs to be used in halls and gymnasiums that are being utilized for testing, seminars and other events. These arm chairs allow spectators and students to effectively take notes while sitting in the comfort of one the best portable seats on the market today.

    Universal Arm-Rest & Optional Cup-Holder


    Adding another level of comfort for spectators, these armrests can be attached for use on row ends, between linked chairs or on individual chairs to satisfy a variety of seating arrangements.   These attachments are available with a molded armrest top, upholstered arm pad or with a cup-holder attachment.

    Caster Wheels


    Giving each chair the ability to be rolled easily can minimize set-up and take-down times drastically. These wheels are easily added to each chair to make your portable seating solution completely mobile.

    Ganging Brackets


    Interlock your portable seating securely using these handy ganging brackets. These brackets come in a number of sizes to accommodate a variety of courtside or portable seating configurations and are your facility’s best way to ensure an organized and uniform look when the chairs are deployed.

    Contour Seat Foam


    Add another level of comfort to your portable seating with the plush softness of contour seat foam for each and every chair.



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