Athletic Safety – The Aut-O-Loc Basketball Backstop Strap

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Jun 24, 2014 3:30:00 AM


    As with all athletic facilities, the safety of participants, staff and spectators is always priority number one. When it comes to ceiling or wall mounted basketball equipment like backboards and backstops, the Aut-O-Loc system is the industry leader, providing a new standard in gymnasium equipment safety.

    This safety strap is engineered with safety in mind; this basketball backstop strap operates much like a seatbelt in your vehicle.

    The patented inertia plate in all systems can automatically sense a centrifugal force of fall. When sensed, the Aut-O-Loc instantly stops the backstop from falling with help of its steel paws and locking teeth located in the housing. This system prevents both damage to the basketball system, as well as any inherent danger to participants and spectators below.

    This safety strap has an automatic reset function and does not require any electrical wiring or expertise for installation or maintenance, which is an obvious plus to operators and maintenance staff.

    Additional Features of the Aut-O-Loc System

    • Secure-Loc The all new  Aut-O-Loc 2 Basketball Backstop Safety Strap with Patent-Pending Secure-Loc technology captures a falling load and prevents the re-use of an actuated unit.
    • Fail Safe Operation Should the movement of a load ever exceed the normal operating parameters, the Aut-O-Loc 2  backstop safety strap prevents a free fall by sensing not only speed but also acceleration, engaging only when it’s truly needed without the danger of false locks that can damage your equipment.
    • Quiet Operation Allows the locking mechanism to operate quietly while in use so you can hear your moving equipment unlike toggle and ratchet type designs.
    • Maximum Travel and Fall Indicators Let you know when you have caught an equipment fall or reached the maximum belt payout limit.
    • Roller Guide System Designed to reduce friction wear and extend strap life while allowing the belt to capture heavier loads.
    • Integrated Pivot Mount Aligns in the direction of the force during a fall reducing the total amount of stress on the belt and your building structure.
    • New Attachment System Stands up to loads as high as 10,000 lbs and mounts parallel or 900 on 3 inch pipe or 4 inch tube.
    • Powerful Recoil Generates over 50% more belt tension than other backstop safety strap designs.
    • Fully Supported Drum Captures the most demanding loads while maintaining safety strap alignment.
    • Tough New Housing The same Heat Treated Alloy used in ski lift and roller coaster wheels allows for an engineered casting with material where it needs to be, increasing strength by as much as 50% over other designs.

    *cited from – LynRus Aluminum Products

    Our in-house experts recommend this product in tandem with all suspended over-head basketball systems, and they are also widely endorsed by risk management experts across North America as the first step in preventative maintenance when installing this type of basketball equipment in your athletic facility.

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