Attaching Individual Gym Floor Cover Sections Together

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Jan 3, 2014 7:41:00 AM


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    Most gym floor cover systems comprise of multiple pieces allowing your gymnasium some versatility when covering your floor. This article will briefly go over a few adhesives that we recommend and a few that do not belong anywhere near your gymnasium floor.

    Glues & Other Adhesives

    We highly recommend against the use of any glues or other residential or industrial grade adhesives for use on your gymnasium floor or cover. Glues and adhesives are prone to leakage and can be extremely difficult to loosen or remove from covers and gym floors.


    The Maple Floor Manufacturers Association does not recommend the use of masking, theatrical, construction, electrical, duct or any other adhesive type tape found on the market today. The reasoning is simple; it is highly likely that the tape, when removed, will peel away layers of the floor’s surface finish.

    This being said, Sport Systems carries a specially formulated Seam Tape, designed specifically for use with gymnasium floors and covers. This tape is formulated to not leave any residue or stickiness on gym floors and their covers. Our tape measures 3” in width to ensure complete coverage, protecting the floor underneath against spills or wet shoes.

    In addition to our specially-formulated Gym Floor Cover Seam Tape, we also carry an easy to use Walk-Behind Seam Tape Applicator. This applicator is made of heavy-duty material, is equipped with a large wheel base and durable rubber wheels, allowing for easy operation and maintenance. Simply place the seam tape in the holder, run the tape under the roller and at the start of the seam, follow the applicator down the length of the seam and cut.

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