Branded Wall Padding for The Tech Academy

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Dec 20, 2016 2:46:28 PM


    Located in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, The Tech Academy is an educational facility founded on artistic, athletic and academic excellence, offering students a unique opportunity to prepare for further education. 

    The institution is housed in a historic building, adding to the educational establishment’s charm and prestige.  The academy serves students ranging from grades 9-12 with courses offered in the arts, music, business, Canadian and world studies, English, French, mathematics, health and physical education, science, social science and more.

    With the building nearing 100 years of age, the school is heading into a period of transition and change as they prepare to renovate the facility to keep pace with rapid changes in technology and building design.  The building is currently home to a complete dry-land training facility, restored theatre, full gymnasium, courtyard and features the services of a chiropractor, athletic physiotherapist, massage therapist, personal trainer complete with a bistro, bakery and golf simulation lounge.

    As part of the school’s upgrades, key stakeholders from the institution reached out to our team to complete wall padding to be located below the basketball systems inside the gymnasium.  As basketball is a high-intensity sport, this type of padding is essential to the safety of all participants.

    Adding another level of stature, the school also was looking for custom graphics to be placed on the wall padding.  After receiving the technical design files, our internal team got to work on the layout of the branded customization of the padding. 


    The end product was both the logos of The Tech Academy and the Steel City Slam – a local AAU affiliated basketball club that calls the gym home – on a jet black padding backdrop.

    Next up for The Tech Academy:  the complete renovation of their gymnasium.  We would like to wish the academy all the best in the remainder of their renovation and look forward to getting a glimpse at the finished product.



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