Carleton University Teams Up With SSCI to Create Dream Stadium

    Posted by Jeff Hurrle

    Oct 10, 2013 4:06:00 PM

    Newly installed bleachers at Carleton University
    What better way to ramp up for football season than with a complete stadium makeover? The facilities management team at Carleton University felt the same way we do which is why they decided to go all out and give the fans who will be cheering on the Ravens this season a little something special--a new set of bleachers! We don’t want to brag, but we were thrilled that not only did they want to enhance the overall football experience for their fans, but they also chose us to complete the installation of the new bleachersokay so maybe we are bragging a little—it’s a big deal!

    We get tremendously excited to work with institutions by helping them create their dream facilities. Above all else—we get another opportunity to deliver on our promise of installing quality sporting equipment in addition to providing exceptional value and superior customer service to our clients. 

    So what do Carleton University’s new bleachers consist of? We are glad you asked that question. The new bleachers offer 3,000 exciting fans the space to sit down and enjoy a snack from the concession stand, the ability to stand up and high-five fellow fans, or even go crazy when their team scores a touchdown-there’s room for it all in these stands. 

    Now that we have the spacing covered—these stands also provide the comfort that everyone desires. There’s nothing worse than being uncomfortable when the game begins to go into overtime. Fans are already anxious and nervous about the final score, and the last thing they need is to feel as though they are sitting on what seems like bricks. With these stands—that will never be a problem. We installed a customizable seating solution that both the facilities management team at Carleton University and Sports Systems felt would provide an optimal comfort level for everyone from moms and toddlers to even the mascot—because sometimes they need to rest too. 

    Safety is also a top concern of ours and we definitely make it a priority by ensuring that the bleachers leave no room for accidents to occur. To make this possible, the bleachers are outfitted with rails that make it easy for people to walk up and down the steps and maneuver their way to their seats while simultaneously providing ideal accessibility. 

    After hearing about all of these awesome features, we are sure you are dying to see what the final product looks likeso here it is! This video shows exactly how the new bleachers at Carleton University were built from the ground up in only two and a half minutes! Of course it took longer, but we don’t want to bore you—plus seeing how all of the intricate details were placed in 150 seconds is pretty cool! 

    We thoroughly enjoyed working with the facilities management team over at Carleton University and are sure that they will continue to be pleased with their new bleachers for many years to come!

    Is your stadium seating in need of a face lift?  Give us a call at 1.877.600.4667 or Request a Quote online!

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