Choosing a Basketball System Winch for Your Gym

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Aug 21, 2015 11:38:01 AM


    Many gymnasiums today are designed and constructed to be used as multi-sport and multi-event facilities. While time is blocked off for sports such as badminton, basketball, volleyball and training exercises, these facilities are also used for pep rallies, assemblies and other events.

    These facilities have to be able to quickly transform and allow operators to schedule a variety of events and activities in a relatively tight block of time.

    Ceiling-suspended basketball nets can pose a problem for some gymnasiums, either blocking sightlines during events or obstructing play for other sports. To remedy this problem, we offer a couple of winch options that aid in raising these basketball systems up and out of the way quickly and safely.

    Manual Basketball Winch


    As its name suggests, this winch is operated manually by a staff or facility manager and are perfect for organizations with budget constraints. These manual winches are built for strength and durability and feature a semi-enclosed, self-lubricating worm gear that can handle up to 1000lbs.

    This winch also boasts an interlocking steel frame for rigidity and alignment and is supplied with a wood buck for an easy installation.

    Electric Basketball Winch


    This winch provides customers with the most efficient and convenient way to raise your basketball systems. This winch is powered by a powerful ¾ HP motor and is equipped with a large grooved drum to ensure extended cable life and proper coiling. These grooves are paired with a tension roller that guarantees correct cable tracking, even in slack conditions.

    This winch is also equipped with a dual-key safety switch to ensure a safe operation at all times and is able to haul nine feet per minute with over 1000lbs of line pull.


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