Choosing a Netting Backstop for your Multi-Purpose Athletic Field

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Feb 25, 2016 5:35:00 AM


    With spring just around the corner, municipalities and athletic complexes are beginning to evaluate the conditions of their outdoor fields. As the snow melts, organizers and operators will promptly begin running through their checklists in preparation for the busy spring/summer athletic season.

    With many fields, particularly those operated by municipalities across Canada and the United States being utilized as multi-purpose athletic fields, the need for effective and safe netting is a top priority. While some fields may be in need of securing new netting backstops or perimeters for their fields, others might simply need to assess the condition of their current netting on site. Harsh winters and continued exposure to the elements can cause the netting to wear over time, so a quick evaluation of the condition of all netting each spring is a vital exercise in safety.

    For those looking for partial protection or boundary netting requirements, we proudly carry a number of solutions, each that can be tailored to the unique needs of any athletic field. For sports such as soccer, a secure and reliable netting backstop is often necessary for keeping balls in play and reducing the amount of time wasted by players, coaches and organizers chasing stray balls.

    Semi-Permanent Soccer Backstop System


    While these are often installed on a permanent basis using cement footings, many organizers and operators find the true versatility in a semi-permanent barrier netting structure tough to beat. Framed using four 4” O.D. aluminum support poles, this system is fastened into the ground using ground sleeves. These sleeves come equipped with covers that allow the sleeves to be covered up when the barrier is not in use and allows organizers to easily set up this barrier where and when needed. This system is ideal for multi-use fields, allowing for a secure backstop when soccer is in play, but one that can easily be taken down when the field is used for other sports or activities. In addition to the four poles, this system comes complete with 4” mesh-sized netting and stands at 20’ in height and stretches for 65’ of coverage.

    Portable Backstop System


    For the utmost in versatility and flexibility for your sports field or complex, our portable backstop netting systems allow for quick and easy temporary netting when needed. Four 3” O.D. mill-finished aluminum posts and 2” ground bars make up the skeleton of this unique system and allow for each 20’ section of netting to be configured any way you see fit. These systems can be used to allow for curves which straight-lined systems may not always allow for. This portable netting solution is held in place securely by using 16 heavy-duty anchor bags and comes complete with corrosion-resistant hardware and UV-treated mesh allowing the netting system to endure even the most challenging weather elements.


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