Choosing an Indoor Badminton System

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Dec 24, 2015 7:03:46 AM


    As winter rears its head on us here in the northern hemisphere, we begin to take to both outdoor winter activities such as hockey or skiing and indoor sports such as volleyball, basketball and badminton. Net sports become a larger part of our business during the fall and winter months as activity ramps up in gymnasiums across North America.

    Badminton has been an Olympic sport for almost 25 years and has continued to grow in popularity exponentially. In addition to excellent motor skills and coordination, the sport of badminton also requires players have strong aerobic stamina, agility, strength and speed and is a staple in many educational athletic programs. As we get into the indoor season, we will highlight a few of our most popular options with regards to the industry’s best badminton systems.

    One-Court Sleeve Type Badminton System


    The 6619 One-Court Sleeve-Type Badminton System is a versatile system that allows easy and fast removal of the badminton net when not in use. Using innovative ground sleeves, this system is quickly installed in the existing mounting holes in your gymnasium floor and provides the best in stability and strength. This system is constructed of 1.5” square steel-tubed uprights and comes complete with uprights, floor sleeves, cover plates and badminton net.

    One-Court Portable Badminton System


    Our more economical choice is our 6631 Portable Badminton System. This sleeveless system is completely independent but is weighted using 60lb bases with “t” bars to keep the system in place when in use. This system is equipped with handy casters to easily transport the system in and out of storage areas.

    Heavy-Duty Portable Round Badminton System


    Much the same as our model 6631, the 6640 badminton system is a portable unit, but is constructed using heavy-duty materials. Rather than a square frame, this system is made of 1.5” round steel uprights which are powder coated white for durability and long life. Rather than the 60lb weight used by our 6631 system, this system is equipped with 123lb bases for the ultimate in stability during play.


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