Cobourg Collegiate Institute Upgrades Indoor Bleachers

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Sep 14, 2021 4:42:32 PM

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    Loyalty and commitment are two highly regarded values, expressed through service, contribution and fidelity to our families, communities and institutions. Established in 1798 by United Empire Loyalists, the town of Cobourg, Ontario continues to deepen its sense of commitment towards its own community. Mirroring the spirit of the town, Cobourg Collegiate Institute has also embraced the value of loyalty as one of the school’s guiding principles.

    The vision of Cobourg Collegiate Institute is to be, “an innovative and responsive educational community focused on student achievement, well-being and success for all . . .” Cobourg CI has shown its commitment to its students and community through its investment of time and resources. One recent investment was through the school’s decision to upgrade its gymnasium. With equipment that was deemed no longer safe, combined with an increased student population resulting from the merging of Cobourg’s two schools, this project became a high priority.

    Desiring a safe environment to hold sports games and other events, Cobourg CI contacted
    Sport Systems to manufacture and install new telescopic bleachers in the gym. As one of our
    most popular products, our telescopic bleachers provide the flexibility needed to transform a
    space for different events. While bleachers are needed to accommodate spectators during
    athletic events, they become a nuisance when hosting other activities such as school dances.
    Not wishing to present their students with a tradeoff, the school determined that this type of
    bleacher would be the most beneficial to everyone.

    Accommodating Cobourg CI to our best ability, we completed this upgrade in two phases. The
    first phase was to remove the current structure that was standing. Due to the size of bleachers,
    as well as the equipment involved in their removal, careful planning and an expert team were
    both essential. In between Phases 1 and 2, the school took advantage of the cleared space by
    repairing and updating the walls and flooring. Following the maintenance that was done, we
    completed Stage 2 by installing the new bleachers.

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    Sport Systems strives to exemplify excellence and commitment in all that we do. Recognizing
    the importance of public schools in society, we admire Cobourg Collegiate Institute for the
    loyalty that they maintain towards their students and community. By collaborating with Cobourg
    CI, it is our hope that they are able to continue offering a safe space for students to gather,
    learn, and grow.


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