Complete Basketball and Volleyball Systems for the Bramalea Baptist Church

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Jan 6, 2020 5:15:51 AM


    Incorporated in 1972, the neighbourhood of Bramalea was created as an innovative “new town” as part of the city of Brampton, Ontario. Created by farmer William Sheard, the name of the community is made up of the BRAM from Bramption, MAL from Malton (a former neighbouring town) and the LEA from the old British word meaning meadow or grassland.

    As part of this community, the Bramalea Baptist Church as founded ahead of the new town’s development and has been a staple in the community since its inception. Seeking to serve the spiritual needs of the greater Brampton community, the church has served as a hub not only for religious practice but also for community learning and support programming.

    The church underwent a massive renovation back in 1984 and has undoubtedly grown exponentially since that time. As part of some recent plans, our team was contacted by key stakeholders from the church as they were in the early stages of designing the newest addition to their church, a brand-new gymnasium.

    As the construction process evolved, our partners at Ash Stevenson were on-site to take accurate and detailed measurements of the new space as the equipment planning process commenced.

    The initial phase would include a pair of state-of-the-art ceiling-suspended basketball systems for full-court play inside the new gymnasium as well as volleyball systems to support the play of volleyball, badminton and pickleball once the facility was complete.


    Taking into account the sloped design of the overhead ceiling, some highly customized design work was required to ensure the basketball systems were installed efficiently and with safety in mind.

    The renovation is still on-going at this community church and while the basketball and volleyball systems have both been safely installed, plans are already taking shape for the second phase of this athletic project.

    As construction of the facility progresses plans will be address for inclusive safety wall padding as well as all spectator seating requirements including gym bleachers.

    We would like to again thank our partners at Ash Stevenson for providing our team with the necessary support to once again, get another successful project underway and installed on time.


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