Conserving Educational Resources: The Formation of Central Hastings School

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Oct 29, 2021 10:21:11 AM

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    Today, society is becoming increasingly aware of the need to preserve resources. From
    composting and recycling to refurbished furniture and repurposed fashion, conservation serves two purposes: this intentional act not only mitigates the depletion of resources, but also increases the value of that which already exists. Translating this concept from material objects to societal institutions, one may note the many benefits of merging neighbouring schools. The merging of Madoc Public School and Centre Hastings Secondary School in particular, has proven to be an excellent example of combining resources in order to preserve them.

    Professors Samuel E. Trosow and Bill Irwin make some excellent points that can be applied to the broader discussion. Trosow and Irwin note the ability of a school merger to, “result in significant and recurring cost savings,” and to, “eradicate enrollment competition.” With Hastings County possessing 14 municipalities alone (“Member Municipalities”), the amalgamation of Madoc
    Public School and Centre Hastings Secondary School has been proven to be beneficial for these
    same reasons.

    Combining resources, the new Central Hastings School has been able to cater to students in all grades. With the necessary resources now available, the school was able to expand their original
    space to accommodate kindergarteners (“K-12 Central Hastings School”). Additionally, the shared
    gymnasium is currently undergoing renovation.

    Specializing in athletic equipment, Sport Systems was recruited to begin upgrading Central Hasting’s gymnasium. Previously featuring the abbreviation “CHHS,” the upgraded bleachers became a clean slate. The seating on these telescopic bleachers was also upgraded with the versatile Kodiak 2400 Contoured Seat Modules (CSM). Additional upgrades are currently being discussed between the School Board and Sport Systems.

    Central Hastings School is an outstanding example of conservation within the realm of education.This consolidation has secured the necessary provisions for maintaining a school while
    simultaneously, the formation of a single entity has enabled county resources to be applied elsewhere. Most importantly, however, the unification of these schools has reaffirmed the value that each holds as separate entities. Rather than diminishing the importance of each school, the formation of Central Hastings has only served to enhance their position in the community.


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