Continuing the Legacy of St. Joseph-Scollard Hall CSS

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Jan 11, 2022 11:00:00 AM

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    Prevalent throughout Canada and the United States, Catholic schools have come to be associated with order and high standards of learning. With fixed dress codes, clearly established ethics, and strong religious traditions, the policies of these schools often enable them to become leading
    examples within the field of education. These institutions, such as St. Joseph-Scollard Hall Catholic Secondary School, have been providing quality education for decades.

    The current location of St. Joseph-Scollard Hall CSS was built between the establishment of North Bay as an Ontario city in 1925 (“History of North Bay”) and the death of one of the school’s namesakes in 1934 (Cheney). While many aspects of the school have evolved over the years, such as a demographic that began to include female students in 1985 (“Former Scollard Hall Boys’ College”), an emphasis on providing an excellent education has persisted throughout.

    French immersion courses, specialty skiing and golfing teams, and unique clubs including the Aboriginal Mentorship and the Grade Liturgy Committee, are just a few of the opportunities that the school currently offers with enrollment. Similar to other local schools, the inclusion of organized sports is also a priority of St. Joseph-Scollard Hall CSS.

    Having worked with several Catholic schools in the past, Sport Systems was invited to upgrade
    the seating in the school’s gymnasium. As is the case with many historical schools, the facilities
    are in constant need of repair and upgrades in order to maintain their condition. Unfortunately, the school’s current set of bleachers were not up to present-day building codes and were, therefore, unsafe. Wishing to eliminate any potential danger and continue to accommodate spectators during games, the school invested in our 5-row, motorized bleachers. Not only did this upgrade from their previous 4-row bleachers provide additional seating, but the selection of a motorized option now allows for easier access and facilitation.

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    The outcome of this project was more than satisfactory for both the school and for our team.
    Always striving to be a part of something bigger, we enjoy partnering with schools with such a rich history. We look forward to future opportunities to work with St. Joseph-Scollard Hall CSS and other schools similar to it.

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