Crash Pads, Mats & Custom Padding for Inja Nation

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Nov 29, 2016 4:01:00 AM


    With the rise of both personal fitness and the popularity of shows such as American Ninja Warrior, more and more people are getting active and challenging themselves in ways they might not have thought possible.  In additional to grueling endurance, participants of this type of exercise are strong, fast and rely on quick decisions.

    As they are faced with numerous challenges, participants often race through a series of obstacles on a course, and the fastest time usually wins. 

    One of our more recent projects brought us right into the beating heart of this high-intensity hobby that is sweeping North America.  We were contacted by the good folks at Inja Nation in Calgary, Alberta who were looking for a variety of different padding solutions for their facility.  As with many other high-speed sports and events, Inja Nation needed some unique padding in various places to ensure the safety and wellbeing of their participants.


    Housed in a whopping 55,000 square foot facility, Inja Nation is comprised of a ninja obstacle course, mini-ninja and military obstacle course, trampoline park, climbing walls, micro-ninja arena and a dry land training area.  If that’s not enough, the facility is also equipped with the necessary amenities to host birthday parties, corporate events, community building parties and a variety of other programs.

    All in all, we manufactured and supplied crash pads and crash mats for use beneath a number of different obstacles around the various courses, along with all of the wall padding and floor padding inside the facility.


    As part of the job, we were also awarded the unique honour of designing some custom padding that was used to cover a stairway located in the mini-ninja zone as well a number of different column pads to complete the facility.

             column-padding-and-floor-padding-inja-nation.jpg   custom-floor-and-wall-padding-micro-ninja-area-inja-nation.jpg

    In the end, the facility’s padding needs were met and now Calgary’s future American Ninja Warrior contestants have a safe and fun location in which they can hone their physical and mental skills.



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