Customized Radiator Padding for Arnprior District High School

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    May 5, 2015 6:04:18 AM


    High school gymnasiums are high traffic areas and facility managers are always looking for ways to make them more efficient and prevent damage to non-athletic appliances and equipment while the area is in use. As multi-sport environments, gymnasiums in high schools serve numerous purposes, host a variety of athletic events and are used by a variety of age groups. For this reason, a large portion of our business serving educational institutions involves highly customized solutions to either fit certain areas or to protect equipment and participants.

    As we’ve mentioned many times before, our custom padding department is our most versatile and customized product line, as almost daily we receive requests for unique padding configurations covering everything from customized gym wall padding to fully padded rooms.

    One of our most recent design, fabrication and installation of custom padding projects was requested by the Arnprior District High School, not too far from our home base here in Eastern Ontario.

    Their gymnasium boasted somewhat of a unique design which included a number of exposed and protruding radiators located on the boundaries of their basketball and volleyball play area. To prevent the risk of injury to participants and damage to the radiators themselves, the high school approached us to design a solution to provide the best in protection, without losing the much needed function of the radiators.

    Our design team got to work and efficiently designed a seamless padding solution that would cover the entire radiator, complete with hinged top and bottom padding, providing complete protection of the units. These pads also featured six areas comprising of breathable mesh so as to not interfere with the proper operation of the units and the heating system of the entire school.

    After completing the design, receiving approval and manufacturing the necessary padding, our installation team was quickly dispatched to install the padding on behalf of the school.


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