New Gym Divider Curtains for the Boys and Girls Clubs of Ottawa

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Jul 8, 2021 4:00:05 PM


    Ron Kolbus Clubhouse - Dumaurier Ave., Ottawa

    Reflecting on childhood memories, some may recall the excitement and anticipation that accompanied signing up for a sport. Whether the thrill centered on receiving a new uniform, making new friends, quenching one’s thirst for competition, or getting ice cream after a game, the mixture of nerves and excitement is unforgettable. While some children abandon their interest in sports as they grow older, others utilize it as a means to earn college scholarships or gain employment. However, not every child is given the privilege in determining their involvement in sports.The time and money involved in signing your child up for sports may not be feasible for every family. In response, organizations such as the Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa (BGCO), are actively identifying ways in which they are able to support youth sports. One solution that the BGCO offers is their Sports and Leadership League (SLL), a free, all-inclusive sports club for ages 6-18.


    Tomlinson Family Foundation Clubhouse - Prince of Whales Dr., Ottawa

    With these programs in place, BGCO recognizes the importance of maintaining facilities that can accommodate these activities. With this aim, Sport Systems was brought in to install our Top-Roll Gym Divider Curtains in three of their locations: the Ron Kolbus Clubhouse on the West side of the city, the Don McGahan Clubhouse to the East, and the Tomlinson Family Foundation Clubhouse to the South.

    Requiring minimal maintenance and only 14 inches of vertical storage space, our Top-Roll Gym Divider Curtains were an excellent choice for each of BGCO's clubhouses. Similar to our results when working with the BGC of Kingston and the BGC of Saint John, the outcome of our work in Ottawa was successful in accommodating the needs of each clubhouse and the activities they offer. Whether accommodating different programs simultaneously, or facilitating a large group activity, these divider curtains now provide the versatility that each clubhouse requires.


    Don McGahan Clubhouse - McArthur Ave., Ottawa


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