Ensure Your Bleachers Are Safe: Bleacher Maintenance Checklist

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Aug 6, 2015 12:45:00 PM


    bleachers-compilationAs with your vehicle or any other piece of machinery or equipment, properly scheduled maintenance is a sure-fire way to get the most out of that product’s life cycle. The same holds true for athletic equipment and infrastructure, whether that equipment has mechanical or moving parts or is simply stationary.

    Larger-scale projects such as bleacher and grandstand seating are often overlooked, but require a good deal of attention. These large structures are often located outdoors 365 days of the year and while they are built to withstand terrible weather conditions, they too require regular maintenance to ensure your spectators are always safe.

    We have compiled a quick checklist that can be used at any time of the year and hopefully on an ongoing basis that will help you and your facility maintenance staff perform routine checks.

    Bleacher Under Structure, Decking & Seating

    • Inspect all hardware for looseness or corrosion – replace with equivalent hardware
    • Inspect deck uprights, wheels and axles (if equipped), end panels, end caps and aluminum decking
    • Inspect risers and footboards or planks
    • Check operating condition of row locks and other locking mechanisms
    • Inspect seating if equipped. Check all seating hardware for looseness or corrosion
    • Inspect seat backs and pans, tighten where and when necessary
    • Lubricate all moving parts of fixed seating where equipped
    • Check all welded joints in frames and bracing
    • Lubricate any and all friction-producing parts

    Bleacher Guardrails

    • Consult local, state/provincial or federal regulations regarding accessibility and ensure your bleachers are up-to-date and compliant
    • Inspect end rails, front rails, aisle rails and rear rails. Check hardware for looseness or corrosion and replace where necessary


    • Inspect wiring harnesses, switches and junction boxes
    • Check all mechanical functions, motors and fuses

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