Fully ADA-Compliant Accessible Bleachers for Missouri High School

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Feb 21, 2019 9:00:07 AM


    Heading into the great American Midwest, one of our recent projects landed us in the beautiful state of Missouri. Located roughly 50 miles outside of St. Louis, this project took us to the city of Union where, along with our partners at Carrol Seating, we were commissioned to design a truly unique bleacher.

    As the city’s only secondary school, our project was anchored at Union High School, just west of the city. With one seating structure already in place on the home side of the school’s football field, the school district was looking to complement the existing bleacher with another. Given that the current bleacher was not terribly accessible for those in wheelchairs, the mandate of this project was to ensure that the next phase of seating would be completely ADA compliant, allowing all of their fan base access to the bleachers.

    Space optimization was the name of the game on this project, as all stakeholders involved in the project wanted to ensure that the new custom bleacher would fit seamlessly in the available space next to the existing grandstand. Taking not only the available space into account, we also ensured that sightlines would be clear and unobstructed for all spectators.

    Our partners at Carrol Seating were quickly mobilized to the school’s football field where they acquired detailed site measurements that were relayed to our technology and design department.

    The final design was a beautiful, custom-elevated bleacher allowing for unbeatable spectator sightlines. The structure was further optimized with notched out seating areas and unbeatable access to the seating for wheelchairs via custom ramps and aisle ways that were all compliant under the ADA’s comprehensive guidelines.

    The bleacher was sent directly from our manufacturing facility to the high school where it was met by the installation team at Carrol Seating who took care of all the details during the process. Given the unique nature of this design, we have proudly added it to our accessible bleachers product line as we see it being a great fit for hundreds of thousands of locations across Canada and the United States.

    Completely modular in nature, these bleachers allow for easy expansion of either rows or overall length to accommodate any available space.


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