Grandstand Bleachers for the Greater Vernon Athletics Park

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Nov 17, 2015 6:27:10 AM

    Earlier this summer, we were awarded the contract to design, fabricate and install the grandstand bleachers for the new Greater Vernon Athletics Park (GVAP) in Coldstream, British Columbia. Located in the heart of the picturesque Okanagan Valley, the GVAP consists of a synthetic turf field, synthetic running track, natural turf field, complete track and field facilities, and a new building that houses concessions, washrooms, a classroom, officials’ rooms and change rooms.

    This project was unique as the site had been carved out and required the bleacher structure to be built on a remaining hillside on the site. The top of the hill featured an existing asphalt pathway, so as part of our design process, we were required to ensure that the top deck of the bleacher would sit flush with the path above. The bottom or front of the bleacher was also designed to house an existing electrical kiosk, and is now located beneath the structure with a custom-designed access door, granting maintenance staff easy access when needed. Given the unique state of the grounds, our team was also responsible for the structural design of the concrete foundations that the bleacher would eventually bear on.

    The grandstands were built using a galvanized steel beam structure, custom rise and run to aid in achieving set elevations, and a closed tongue and groove decking system. Custom colour powder coated riser planks and front and side enclosure panels were also installed, completed with aluminum bench seating which also featured custom colour powder coated backrests. The bleacher is now able to house over 400 spectators, finished with seat numbers and row letters for ticketed events.

    This bleacher was also designed with accessibility in mind, complete with a 10’ wide x 56’ long rear spectator deck to accommodate those with wheelchairs and other special requirements.

    The bleacher was then completed with a black vinyl-coated chain link guardrail system, which surrounded the bleacher for an added level of spectator safety.

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