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    Nov 12, 2013 9:00:00 AM


    Here's a fact no parent on the planet can disagree with: children are expensive. 

    Kids don't need fancy clothes; they'll just stain or outgrow them. They don't need gourmet cuisine options; simple healthy items should do the trick. Hand me down clothes? Totally understandable in multi-children households. What about youth lacrosse equipment? Youth football equipment? Volleyball? 

    Youth sports equipment is a different matter. Allow me to explain. 

    It's no secret that sports offer children learning experiences that are hard to capture in the classroom. Any well-rounded youngster should, if physically capable, garner the benefits of team sports at an early and noncompetitive age. 

    Doesn't it make sense to hold sport facilities to the same standard as the classroom? If new teaching methods are proving effective in other districts, who wouldn't want these innovation to benefit their child? 

    The same can be said for sport and athletic facilities, but in some ways the stakes can be higher. 

    A child may benefit from a novel teaching method that improves their math skills. That same child might benefit from state of the art facilities by avoiding serious injury. Youth lacrosse and football equipments benefit from the same technology that goes into their professional counterparts. Listen, it might not be a good use of funds to dress your child in avant-garde fashion, but no parent would turn down state of the art safety equipment. 

    Sport Systems Canada routinely works with school administrators to fit schools and facilities with the latest in youth sports equipment. Gymnastic mats, football and lacrosse equipment, and even the wall and floor padding periodically undergo redesigns to improve the effectiveness and durability of the product. 

    We come back to this point pretty frequently: Sport Systems Canada views our working clients as partners in the business of building communities through sport. Part of our responsibility as members of that community is to ensure the safety of athletes, no matter how young. For us, it's personal. 

    If disco was all the rage when your facilities last saw an overhaul, maybe you should give us a call. Or log onto our website to chat with a friendly expert. They're right there! Live! Just another innovation you couldn't imagine during the seventies.

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