How Bleacher Design Affects the Spectator Experience

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Jul 28, 2020 1:45:00 AM


    Aluminum bleachers are available in multiple designs that offer both versatility and longevity. When you’re ready to invest in bleachers, naturally you want to select a style that suits your facility’s needs and provides the best possible sightlines for your audience.

    Here we will provide information on the advantages of elevated bleachers and how the design changes the game on the field for spectators.


    What is Sightline

    Interestingly, the sightline for bleachers is determined by an algorithm based on the distance between the seating and focal point of the field or indoor arena, along with the height of the bleachers and steepness, gradient or shape of the seating area.

    We all know that spectators often feel compelled to stand rather than sit, especially when cheering on the players. Additionally, energetic kids have a tendency to walk around or stand during a game, all of which can become a nuisance and hinder visibility for everyone in close proximity.

    Non-Elevated vs. Elevated Bleachers

    Non-elevated bleachers are smaller and generally have only a few rows of seating. The front row seating is at ground level and generally only 17” higher than the ground. The design of non-elevated bleachers is much more basic and does not necessarily provide the ideal viewing experience for fans, whose sightlines can be obstructed by ground-level obstacles, barriers, or people passing by in front.

    On the other hand, the front row seating of elevated bleachers is at least 30” above ground level, complete with a platform for spectators to place their feet. Conversely these bleachers are designed to eliminate visual obstructions and because they come in a variety of styles and sizes, elevated bleachers can accommodate many more people.


    However, because the elevated bleachers are raised off the ground, the FDA requires safety features including platforms for walking, guardrails, handrails, and ramps for wheelchair access. The quantity and size of such features is determined based on seating capacity, as well as how and where the bleachers are used.

    Making the decision to purchase aluminum bleachers with elevated frames is a worthwhile investment. In addition to improving the comfort and safety of your sports fan audience, the structures create an ideal space for advertisements and sponsorship placements that can help defray your investment costs and increase visibility for your supporters. So, whether you need elevated seating for outdoor sports, an indoor gymnasium or some other function, elevated bleachers make it all possible.


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