How Google Glass Will Change Your Perspective On Pro Sports

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Feb 5, 2014 3:00:00 PM


    Google Glass, the zealous new device from the folks at the world’s largest search engine, along with other forms of wearable tech, has come under heavy scrutiny by most industry professionals and analysts since its inception and release.

    As with any new product or service, it will obviously take some time to determine the true success or failure of Google Glass. Over the past few months however, you might have noticed that more and more professional sports teams and athletes are beginning to experiment with Glass.  Could Google Glass eventually become a part of the sporting equipment world?

    How It Could Be Used    

    Point of View: The first is obvious for so many reasons. Google Glass would give sport spectators a player point of view, real time-real intensity. Imagine looking through Marshawn Lynch’s eyes as he breaks through an offensive line? What about witnessing Miguel Cabrera cracking one off the end of his bat? Phil Mickleson’s smooth left hand swing on an approach shot? Sidney Crosby dangling his way through defenders and scoring? I could keep going...

    Officiating: Every sports fan hates a bad or blown call. Google Glass has the ability to give officials an endless amount of footage. Combine that with instant replay, heck, we could actually speed the game up! Less time under the hood reviewing plays = more game time.

    Enhanced Communication Between Coaching Staff and Players: Put yourself in the visitor’s shoes while playing at Century Link Stadium in Seattle. Rather than having to audible in the loudest place on Earth, your coaching staff could send in play calls visually to players. It was nice knowing you 12th man.

    Would They Do It?

    This is a topic that is still very much in the air, and will most likely remain there for quite some time. There is a long list of players involved in professional sporting leagues that do not wear a jersey, and Google Glass would have to satisfy every one of some capacity.

    The NFL, UFC and WWE are leagues that have expressed positive sentiment toward the thought of introducing Google Glass to their games. These questions remain: will these products stand up to the grind of a professional sports game? Will we eventually see an entire shift from traditional television broadcasts to streaming and web TV services? Innovation is everything, and as with the remainder of the tech world, seems to be moving faster than ever.

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