How to Install Stage Padding

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Jun 22, 2017 7:42:58 AM



    A great place for organized events, theatre, and assemblies, a gymnasium’s stage is invaluable to the school, community centre or facility in which it resides. When it comes to athletic play and events, these areas can lead to potential injury as high-speed athletes can run into them during practice or play.

    To solve this problem, we developed a line of specially designed pads that can easily be installed on stages located within gymnasiums. Made from the same tough and durable heavy-duty vinyl and 2” high-density foam as our wall padding, they are more than enough to keep your students, participants, and athletes safe.

    These padding systems are also designed and manufactured with a 6” return which is used to cover the top of the stage surface, used in conjunction with a pair of Velcro strips to secure the padding to the stage or to allow the padding to be removed for special events.

    This padding, like any of our other padding products, are available in a variety of colour options and can be customized with screen printed school or team logos.

    How to Install Stage Pads

    Prepare the Surface

    Before you begin, you will want to ensure the surface of the stage is clean. Gymnasiums are known to be home to dust particles and these can build up on the stage surface, along with other dirt and grime that can accumulate over time.

    A hot soap and water solution along with a clean cloth is about all you will need to ensure the surface is prepared for installation. Wipe down the top and outward facing surface, then move onto the next step.

    Install Velcro Fastening Strip to Top Stage Surface

    The standard return on all of our stage padding is 6” in length. That said, there are exceptions for custom orders, so be sure to check your final specifications prior to installation. For demonstration purposes, we will use the 6” measurement in this guide.

    Measure out from the edge of the stage by 6 inches using a measuring tape and mark the area, moving down the stage until you are able to fill in the blank spaces using a straight edge. Lay your return over the edge of the stage and double check that the fastening strip currently installed on the padding lines up with your measurement on the stage.

    If correct, install the supplied Velcro strip to the stage along the line as previously measured, taking care to ensure it is straight.

    Install Padding

    To finish the job, lift each piece of padding up to the stage and secure the return portion to the stage using the two Velcro strips. Move your way along the entire length of the stage until each piece of padding is installed. Inspect for a secure fit both in proximity to the stage and to the two Velcro strips and the job is complete.

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