New Bleachers for The Pearl Qatar’s Temba Arena

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    May 5, 2020 3:30:00 AM


    As part of one of the largest real estate developments in the Middle East, we were invited by our partners in the region to participate in the project of developing The Pearl Qatar.

    Comprising of nearly four square kilometers, The Pearl Qatar is a stunning artificial island designed to resemble a string of pearls, recalling Qatar’s history of being one of the world’s top pearl traders prior to the region’s oil boom.

    As part of the development, the United Development Company, continues to add amenities for residents of this premiere community. In addition to the community’s luxury villas, apartments and townhomes, it is also home to an award-winning marina, beautiful beaches, and a number of gyms, in addition to the region’s premiere soccer pitch, the Temba Arena.

    To create a space to host the community’s soccer teams, we were brought in to design a set of spectator bleachers to adorn the new arena. A fully enclosed space, the arena was always a popular location for on-lookers and it quickly became apparent that a seating solution was required.


    Working closely with our partners at KAZOU Architectural Products and their client Gebel Group in Qatar, we designed the perfect solution for an athletic facility as unique as The Pearl itself. With the perimeter of the arena designed using boards, an elevated concrete base was required to ensure ample sightlines for all spectators. The team in Qatar quickly set out to construct the elevated structure for which the new bleachers were to be affixed to. The structure was designed to not only provide the best sightlines possible, it was also designed to provide much needed storage underneath.


    During this development phase of the project, it was decided that our 5-row bleachers in a 30-foot length would fit the bill perfectly and would be an economical choice for international shipping. Upon completion of the manufacturing process at our facility in Canada, our team efficiently prepared the bleachers for shipping to Qatar. It wasn’t long before the shipment made its way into the safe and capable hands of our partners at The Pearl and the bleachers were installed perfectly by our partners on the ground.


    Today, the bleachers serve as another anchor in this stunning community and are yet another testament to our commitment to seamlessly serving our diverse clientele from around the world.


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