New Telescopic Bleachers for Canadian Forces Base Trenton

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Apr 14, 2015 5:53:00 AM


    Located just a couple miles north of Trenton, Ontario, lies the Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Trenton, operating primarily as an air force base by the Royal Canadian Air Force. Opened in 1931, CFB Trenton is now a major hub for tactical and strategic airlift aircraft and a major training institution. The base is home to the Canadian Forces Land Advanced Warfare Centre (CFLAWC), formerly known as the Canadian Parachute Centre (CPC) and the Canadian Army Advanced Warfare Centre (CAAWC).

    The CFLAWC is now known as the “Centre of Excellence”, embodying thirteen different parachuting courses, including aerial delivery, mountain operations, rappelling, patrol pathfinder and all parachute rigger qualifications.  

    The most recent upgrades to this impressive facility involved sourcing reliable, durable and portable bleacher seating for use with certain training programs and exercises. Through the process of public tender, Defense Construction Canada awarded Sport Systems the opportunity to design these new retractable seating systems.

    Two bleachers were required for the project; a larger-scale telescopic bleacher system that was to be in place permanently and a portable telescopic bleacher that could be moved to various locations when needed.


    Telescopic bleachers are a favourite among many facilities today, giving users and operators the ability to host a crowd comfortably, but also the ability to quickly retract the seating portion and free up valuable floor space. As a military training centre, these bleachers really were the perfect fit, offering the best of both worlds to this specialized facility.


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