New Telescopic Bleachers for Ecole Secondaire Publique De Barrhaven

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    May 17, 2022 11:00:00 AM


    The value of speaking more than one language cannot be understated. Not only is it believed to aid older adults in preventing memory loss (Skibba), it opens the door to many more opportunities in life — especially in employment. With Ottawa’s large bilingual population, the need for businesses such as Sport Systems to cater to both languages is essential. As such, the Conseil des écoles publiques de l’Est de l’Ontario (CEPEO) has committed itself to providing, “the means to acquire the skills and knowledge [children] need to grow and succeed in a constantly changing world” (“Ottawa”).

    Having recently joined the collection of French immersion schools in Ottawa, Ecole Secondaire Publique De Barrhaven has gained the attention of the city. With its establishment, came brand new facilities for the school to enjoy. As part of the school’s blueprint, GRC Architects Inc. included two sets of telescopic bleachers in the gymnasium. After being invited to fulfill this need, our team then recruited GC Bourgon Construction to assist us.

    Experiencing firsthand the benefits of speaking French and English, our team knew how
    important it was to set the new Barrhaven school up for success — even in small and indirect
    ways. By eliminating unnecessary impediments for the school, such as malfunctioning equipment, attention and resources are directed towards the school’s programming instead. Our team provided support to the school by furnishing the gymnasium with our popular Indoor Telescopic Bleachers — one small piece of the puzzle in creating the educational and athletic foundation needed for every student’s success.

    While the students attending Ecole Secondaire Publique De Barrhaven continue to enjoy an enriched bilingual education, their encounter with sports now reflects that of every other student their age. Through our united effort, the school, GC Bourgon Construction, GRC Architects Inc., and Sport Systems have been able to provide students with a gymnasium that is comfortable and allows for school spirit to thrive.


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