Nothing but Nets, Nets Everywhere!

    Posted by Jeff Hurrle

    Oct 29, 2013 3:07:00 PM

    Hitting a deep three pointer feels great. Hitting a deep three pointer without touching the rim or backboard, causing that unaccompanied swish sound, is all that much cooler. The clunk of banking it in sounds crude in comparison. The silence of nailing the shot on a net-less hoop disappoints and confuses. Did that even go in? I couldn't hear. Can you tell? I couldn't. 

    Aside from this one instance, you probably don't think about nets that much. For most sports the net is something to be avoided, dividing players or hung in the background to catch wayward balls. Which may strike you as an afterthought until you realize nets are essential to a proper facility. Next time you're at a game, look around! 

    Outside or inside, nets work hard to keep the potential chaos of sport safely confined to the court, rink, or field. Sport Systems Canada works hard to make sure our sports netting work hard for you as well. 

    No one but a goalie should fear the puck hitting him or her square in the face. The same can be said about lacrosse goalies and their dense rubber balls. You volunteer for that kind of risk when you step in the crease, not when you show up to cheer on your favorite team. Like helmets and facemasks, netting barriers are an essential piece of safety equipment for these exciting and fast paced sports. 

    Put simply, if you're hosting hockey, lacrosse, or even less violent sports like tennis, you need netting barriers to protect onlookers. While we could go on and on listing the various options and specifications of our netting, it's probably best for you to check it out for yourself. If you're in the Ottawa area, visit the R.A. Centre, St. Laurent Arena, or J.A. Dulude Arena. Our project at J.A. Dulude Arena features clear NHL approved netting to keep spectators safe without blocking their view of the action. Very nice. 

    If these are too far of a drive (or flight) check out pictures under the "Installation Examples" portion of the sports netting tab on our website. If you do want the technical rundown on our sports netting (Break strength? Fire retardant? Knotless?) you'll find that information there as well. It also doesn't hurt to give us a call and pick our brains about your particular project. 
    Who knows? You may even qualify for a volume discount!

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