Options For Mounting A Bike Rack

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    May 8, 2014 5:00:00 AM


    After completing the purchase of a bike rack system for your facility or municipality, you will need to obviously decide the best way in which you would like the system mounted. There are a few options available to you, based on the product chosen.

    Each of the following mounting configurations satisfies a specific requirement for your bicycle rack:


    This option is clearly the most obvious choice when looking for a versatile solution when you might be interested in moving your bike rack from one location to another. This non-permanent solution simply allows the rack to rest on the ground independently and does not require any anchoring.

    Permanent or In-Ground

    As the name suggests, this is the most permanent solution for installing a bicycle rack. This being said, this method also requires additional labor and expertise to install since typically speaking, you will need to install the mounts 16”-18” in the ground to account for freezing conditions, depending on your geographical location.

    Surface Mount

    Known as a semi-permanent option, a surface mount usually requires an asphalt or concrete surface used to anchor the bolts into the mounting surface. A surface mount is a versatile option, allowing you to relocate the bike rack simply by removing the anchor bolts and choosing a new location.

    Types of Surfaces

    As stated, the best surface solutions for mounting bike racks by any of the above configurations are solid surfaces like cement or asphalt. If you are looking to place a bike rack on another surface like tile, grass or dirt you should consider a portable solution or exploring the possibility of pouring a concrete pad.

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