Our Gym Mats' Padding Foam and Filler Specifications

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Oct 8, 2015 4:30:00 AM


    When we think of gym mats or padding, we often come to the same conclusion; that all gym mats are created equal. For most of us, our experience with gym mats came in our younger years, most likely in elementary school or in high school and those of us without any extensive martial arts or wrestling training, will never know that there is much more out there in terms of gym matting.

    When selecting a gym mat, there is a surprisingly large amount of variety, customization and options available to buyers. While choosing a standard blue gym mat is quite routine, when facilities, training centres and specific programs get involved, choosing the right foam and filler can make or break a good mat. Here are the varieties of foam and filler we use in our line of gym and athletic mats:


    This closed-cell foam is made up of air bubbles that are completely independent of one another and while they may have a stiffer feel on the surface, they are actually better at absorbing impacts than open cell foam. This foam is 1.25” in thickness and is perfectly suited for martial arts, wresting, police and military training facilities, cheerleading exercises and gymnastics.

    100 I.L.D.

    This open-cell foam is constructed of interconnected air pockets that act somewhat like a sponge. This foam is the most firm variety available and is available in either 1” or 2” thicknesses and is perfectly suited for removable wall padding, aerobics programs, general exercise and general safety padding.

    55 I.L.D.

    The 55 I.L.D. is very similar to the above, but lacking some of the firmness of the 100 I.L.D. This foam is of medium-impact absorbency and is best suited for child-based programs in daycares, kindergarten classes and in a variety of other learning environments.

    40/44 I.L.D.

    The softest and most absorbent of our I.L.D. foams, this is available in 1” thickness and is primarily used for resting or is often used in combination with cross-link foam in panel mats for added self-assurance.


    This foam is unique in that it is constructed with open cell chips that are bonded together. This heavy material works great with combat and fighting exercises as it has extremely high-impact absorbing qualities. Martial arts programs, wrestling programs, military and police training facilities and other combat-oriented locations often choose this type of foam.


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