Outdoor Amenities Suited for Spring and Summer

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Mar 3, 2020 3:30:00 AM


    With less than a month until the official beginning of the spring season here in the Northern Hemisphere, municipal planning for parks & recreation and outdoor athletics is well underway.

    Operators, managers, and maintenance crews are planning, inspecting and making checklists, verifying and highlighting where the necessary improvements or upgrades are required.

    Beyond the obvious sports equipment requirements, amenities are also a very important part of the planning process, ensuring visitors have everything they need while enjoying their outdoor recreation this summer.

    From trash receptacles to outdoor benches and seating, providing amenities for security, storage, safety and convenience is thoroughly considered during the planning process of state, provincial, or municipal parks and outdoor spaces.

    With thousands of cyclists ready to hit the trails and streets of your community, the need to consider security and storage for their bikes should be an important part of the planning process.

    With the intention of encouraging residents to ride rather than commute in a gas-powered vehicle, many city planners are turning to cost-effective yet aesthetically pleasing outdoor bicycle storage solutions.

    Bicycle Racks

    These are becoming commonplace not only in public spaces but in spaces of all kinds. We carry a number of varieties of outdoor bicycle racks such as coil and serpentine racks, constructed using steel tubing and available in either an in-ground or surface-mounted installation.

    These racks can handle 10 bicycles or more and are available for order on our website.

    Outdoor Bicycle Lockers

    Taking security to another level, our steel outdoor bicycle storage lockers are in high demand by municipalities, transit authorities, corporate clients, hospitals, universities and colleges. Offering a completely enclosed storage solution, these lockers protect bicycles from erratic weather and from the possibility of theft like no outdoor bike rack can.

    Each unit can accommodate up to two bicycles, is available in rectangular or triangular configuration, and comes equipped with a completely sloped-roof panel to mitigate possible water damage.



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