Retrofits and Upgrades for Community Parks

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Aug 10, 2022 4:35:41 PM


    Whether located in urban or rural settings, public parks are commonplace in today’s society. However, while the Canadian Parks and Recreation Association (CPRA) has established access to such spaces a basic human right, the conditions of each park often varies. While upgrading pre-existing parks is easy to overlook or put on the back burner, the benefits that such recreational spaces offer justify the investment of each municipality’s resources.

    Mount-Royal-Park-Reservoir-and-Beacon-Hill-Park-Circa-1900Left to Right: Mount Royal Park Water Reservoir (Montreal, QC) & Beacon Hill Park (Victoria, BC) circa 1900

    The opportunities that community parks present are responsible for their initial implementation across Canada. According to the Canadian Encyclopedia, the concept of public parks was adopted in the 1800s as a solution to perceived and proven physical and mental ailments as well as low property values. In present-day society, such spaces continue to provide opportunities for fresh air and individual exercise, community gatherings, athletic competitions, and more. Without access to properly maintained parks, however, the ability to safely carry out these activities to their full potential may prove challenging.

    Run-Down-Basketball-HoopSpecializing in more than just the creation of new outdoor and athletic spaces, Sport Systems also caters to the renovation of pre-existing facilities. Looking to stabilize old, rickety bleachers or replace the backboards on old basketball hoops? Learn more about our upgrades and retrofitting services by contacting our team today!

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