Single Annual Deadlines Instituted for the Ontario Trillium Foundation Grant Program

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Oct 27, 2016 5:20:58 AM


    Every year the Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF) awards over $130 million in grants to approximately 1,000 public benefit sector organizations and is one of Canada’s largest granting foundations.  This number alone reflects a $20 million increase in available grant funding than what was available just two years ago.

    As the program matures, additional initiatives and program guidelines have been added, removed and simplified.  One such change for 2017 is the streamlining of the grant’s application process.  While the program is still operating under its four main investment streams: Seed, Grow, Capital, and Collective Impact, applicants will now only be required to remember one date when it comes to application deadlines.  Moving to a one-deadline-per-year system mirrors other successful initiatives such as the Ontario Media Development Corporation and the Ontario Arts Council.

    In an effort to become more responsive to the needs of community organizations, the OTF is shifting to a single annual deadline per year for three of the four aforementioned steams.  Applicants that fall under the Seed, Grow, and Capital streams will each have their respective deadline each and every year. 

    Those applying for Collective Impact grants will retain the ability to submit applications year-round.

    2017 Deadlines:

    • Seed: February 22
    • Grow: June 28
    • Capital: October 25
    • Collective Impact: Year-Round Acceptance


    In a continued effort to improve the grant process for those participating, the OTF has said they plan to monitor these changes closely, supporting stronger results and improved outcomes. 




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