Specialty Mats and Padding for Gymnastics Skill Training Exercises

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Mar 1, 2018 4:03:00 AM


    Balance, strength, coordination, flexibility and control are just a few of the words used to describe the sport of gymnastics. Practiced by both men and women around the world, the full-body movements prescribed by the sport require years of dedication and training.

    As with most everything in sport, we are constantly learning more about our bodies and how we can better develop them for certain exercises. Strength and endurance training has long been a part of modern athletics but today’s athletes are tuning their bodies more than ever before to gain any competitive advantage available.

    While most athletes start at a very young age, the training is significantly different and gymnastics is no exception. Whether or not you are training the next Olympian, most parents opt for gymnastics as an activity for their child as it provides a certain level of discipline paired with stretches and athletic activity that can be used later in their athletic life outside of the sphere of gymnastics.

    In an effort to aid in training the next generation of gymnasts, our line of specialty trainers are perfect for children of a variety of ages and skill levels. Allowing them to start climbing, stretching and balancing from toddler ages, here are a few of our more popular options for daycares, fitness facilities and gymnastic locations.

    Foam Dome


    As far as versatility goes, the foam dome is perhaps the best choice. The unique shape of this pad allows even infants and toddlers to crawl, stretch and learn how to properly balance. Outside of toddler-aged children, this skill trainer is perfect for slightly older children only getting their start in the world of gymnastics as well.



    While you won’t find any overdue bills in this mailbox, you will find a uniquely shaped trainer that will help children develop slightly more advanced movements. Available in a variety of sizes, these skill trainers aid in developing the skills necessary for handsprings, dive rolls and other basic skills.



    Depending on the skill level of the child, these are often reserved for slightly older children ready to master the art of the handstand. In what is typically a truly difficult skill to master, these shapes are the perfect solution for initial handstand development.




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