Start Small and Get Rolling: Providing Horton Middle School with New Outdoor Bleachers

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Apr 12, 2022 11:36:56 AM


    Originally manufacturing and selling basketball systems exclusively, Sport Systems has since branched out with additional products, including our top-of-the-line bleachers. Throughout the years, many of our bleacher systems have been produced for indoor basketball courts, combining our company’s initial focus with our expanding product line. The versatility of our bleachers has allowed for further growth, most recently demonstrated with a request to participate in a project at an outdoor soccer field in North Carolina.

    SafetySeatingSolutions-01Partnering with Seating Safety Solutions, Inc., the largest industry leader in the Carolinas (“Services”), we took on the task of providing the George Moses Horton Middle School (Horton Middle School) with our Tip and Roll Bleachers. Established in the 1930s, Horton Middle School has been committed to serving Chatham County’s middle school population since 1970 (“About Us”). As part of their commitment to their students, they are actively implementing their “School Improvement Plan” (“School Improvement Plan”) and while not explicitly identified as part of it, the upgrade to their soccer field compliments their dedicated efforts.

    Always eager to contribute to the development and accessibility of youth sports, our team set out to create two sets of 3-tier, 15-foot Tip and Roll Bleachers. Upon completion of the manufacturing stage of the project, the units were shipped from our headquarters in Almonte to Seating Safety Solutions in Liberty, North Carolina. Once our partners assembled each unit, their team delivered the bleachers to nearby Horton Middle School.

    SafetySeatingSolutions2-01 Because of their efficiency, professionalism, and friendly nature, our company is eager to collaborate again with Safety Seating Solutions on another upcoming project. This large-scale project will involve renovating grandstand bleachers, and will undoubtedly serve as another milestone in this burgeoning business relationship. As our Senior Account Manager, Kevin Tannahill likes to say, “Start small and get rolling.”


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