Telescopic Bleacher Replacements for the Waterloo Catholic District School Board

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Jul 28, 2015 12:57:00 PM


    As a company, we strive to offer our existing, current and prospective clientele the very best in sports and athletic infrastructure and areconstantly updating, tweaking and expanding our product offering to best serve our growing market. One large area of expertise our team proudly presents our clients with is upgrading outdating equipment in older facilities and operations. Often times, these upgrades arise due to safety issues or concerns, while other times they can simply be the by-product of technological and functional advancements in the design and construction of certain pieces of equipment.

    One of our largest areas of upgrades exists within educational facilities. These facilities serve hundreds of participants and a variety of events each year and the athletic locations such as gymnasiums within these facilities require a multi-use approach to their equipment and fixtures.

    One major upgrade to any gymnasium is the installation of a telescopic bleacher seating system. These bleachers allow the gymnasium to house spectators for a number of events, but feature an unmatched versatility in their ability to easily fold away and open up usable gym floor space when not in use.

    While a number of facilities are in fact equipped with these types of spectator seating structures, today we are finding a large number of them to be out of date. Typically these existing retractable bleachers are older, wooden structures and require maintenance staff to manually extend the bleachers themselves whenever the need arises. The advancements in this particular product now allow for additional seating, less space and motorized mechanisms that quickly and easily retract or extend the seating whenever needed.

    Our most recent upgrade of telescopic bleachers was for two schools from the Waterloo Catholic District School board; Monsignor Doyle School and St. David Catholic Secondary School. Each school currently housed outdated wood and steel telescopic bleacher systems and commissioned us to safely remove the existing bleachers and replace them with state-of-the-art retractable bleachers.


    At each school, our team installed two banks of seating measuring 38’ long and featuring 8 rows of seating, providing each school with 336 available seats for upcoming events. Each school’s new bleachers were outfitted with motors for electric operation with a handheld pendant controller. The pendant controller plugs into the front channel of each bleacher section. The operator simply hits a button and walks the bleachers out.

     Here are a few benefits of electric operation:

    • Quicker and easier set-up
    • Safer set-up – no pinch points created as the controller cord is 6’ long
    • Single person set-up
    • Pendant controller can be stored away to eliminate unauthorized use of the bleachers

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