The Benefits of Digital Scorers Tables

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Sep 8, 2017 4:00:00 AM


    While keeping score with a pad of paper on a foldable table certainly can get the job done, many facilities are now opting to upgrade their score-keeping abilities through the use of innovative digital scorers tables.

    Much the same as those used in large-scale sporting events such as boxing, UFC, professional basketball and the like, elementary schools, secondary schools, colleges, and universities are all turning digital in this ever-changing technological landscape we live in today.

    As such, we have recently released a new product line featuring the very best in digital scoring tables, offering our growing customer base yet another innovative product to enhance their facilities. These tables allow for scorekeepers, staff members, and commentators to sit comfortably on the sidelines to keep score, record statistics and make announcements throughout any sporting event. 

    As these products enter the mainstream market, here are a few benefits that are immediately realized after the initial purchase and installation.

    Safe & Informative

    Much the same as telescopic bleachers and other sideline equipment, the safety of those using them as well as those participating in the organized sports being played is of the utmost importance. Each one of our scoring tables are completely padded in safety padding to minimize the risk of injury should a player accidentally run into one during game play.  Additionally, the digital boards lining the outside of these structures can be used to inform players and spectators regarding injuries, statistics and future team schedules.

    Scorers Table Back.jpg

    Additional Revenue

    While not every piece of athletic equipment has the ability to earn additional revenue, that is not the case with these scoring tables. Their built in digital displays, designed using shatterproof Lexan not only protects the displays but allows they to be crystal clear in appearance.

    In addition to player profiles, scores, and statistics, these screens can be utilized for advertising dollars as a way to display prominent community partners and sponsors.


    No matter the size of your facility’s gymnasium, effective use of space is always important. While these structures are designed with as small of a footprint as possible, in addition to the free-standing floor models, they are also available in a bleacher design. It is this design that connects directly to any bleacher seating installed inside the gymnasium, thus leaving an even smaller footprint, leaving more room for spectators and participants.



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