Three Advantages of Bike Lockers

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Mar 23, 2017 6:56:14 AM


    With an estimated 70 million cyclists in the United States alone, accommodating bicycles is no longer simply a perk to municipal residents or employees of large corporations, it is becoming a necessity. In many cases, bicycle racks are utilized to organize and allow cyclists a safe place to temporarily store their bicycles.

    These racks work wonderfully and will likely remain in use for years to come but they do lend themselves to exposure to the elements and to the possibility of theft.

    When it comes to the ultimate in protection for your bicycle, there is not much that can compare to one of our bike lockers. Completely designed using UV-stabilized, graffiti, fire, and abrasion-resistant polyethylene, these lockers are built to last. In addition to weathering storms of all kind, the contents of these lockers are secured with lockable, double-walled doors and reinforced walls.

    When evaluating the need for such a storage unit, prospective customers often ask about the inherent advantages of these units over traditional locks. Their intended use can vary widely and certainly have multiple benefits as outlined below:

    Revenue Potential

    That’s right; these units can make your organization money. Whether you are buying on behalf of a municipality or corporation, these units do hold a certain level of revenue potential. One such way these lockers are monetized is through rental programs. Many municipalities offer these lockers in addition to traditional bike racks and charge a nominal parking fee to users.


    Additionally, many locker owners have enlisted advertisers who wish to advertise directly to the users of these units, or on units placed in high-traffic areas such as in downtown cores.

    Promote a Healthy Lifestyle

    Our society is getting more active and healthier as the benefits of an active lifestyle continue to become apparent to us. Many purchasers are considering bike lockers to not only foster but also to encourage healthy lifestyles among employees and residents.


    The enclosed design of these units and what they can hide within their walls also allow for a more aesthetic look and feel. In contrast to outdoor bike racks, which can often appear messy or susceptible to vandalism and graffiti, these bike lockers can be placed out of the way and are completely graffiti resistant.

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