Three Reasons Facility Managers Choose Portable Bleachers

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Apr 9, 2020 3:15:00 AM


     Throughout history, facilities, sports leagues, and special events have traditionally used stationary seating systems to accommodate spectators. Bleacher seating was ordered specifically to fit a specified space – typically along the sidelines of a sports field - and was never to move again.

    In an ever-changing industry such as athletics, the needs and wants of facilities have changed and the bleacher market has adapted accordingly. In addition to improved accessibility seating options, reduced bleacher sizes and all-steel frame construction, there has also been a dramatic rise in the use of portable bleachers.

    These seating structures can come in a couple of different configurations. The first being a bleacher that was designed and manufactured to be portable or transportable from the beginning. The second is the availability of tow kits that can easily be installed on existing bleachers, making them instantly mobile.

    So aside from the obvious, what is it that keeps facility managers and operators ordering these versatile bleachers?  Let’s dig into it…


    When it comes to large events with crowds of people, seating can be used to funnel spectators away from common areas where congestion could become an issue.

    Without the ability to move seating strategically, outside tools such as barriers or additional personnel might be required.



    As spectatorship ebbs and flows throughout the season or across different events, the use of portable bleachers can be convenient. Instead of equipping facilities with large, expensive permanent bleachers, portable systems allow operators to add or remove seating to accommodate the demand spikes and decreases.

    Ease of Use

    These bleachers make life easier for facility operators. Their versatile nature lends themselves well to an ever-changing environment and in many cases, allows additional events to be booked that may not have not otherwise have been possible.

    In addition, these bleachers are easy to install and depending on their size, can be broken down and placed into storage until needed again.


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