Tips for Keeping Your Bleachers in Game-day Condition

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Jul 11, 2019 11:32:04 AM


    From where we sit, there is nothing better than witnessing scores of spectators rising from their seats to cheer on their local sports team. Having been involved in the sports infrastructure and equipment industry for over 40 years now, nothing makes us more excited than a well-planned athletic space or outdoor sports field. While we now support all facets of athletic equipment and the design process, our hearts are deeply rooted in the very seating that accommodates a crowd of rabid fans. Having designed bleachers and grandstands of all shapes and sizes over the years, we continue to pay attention to what facility owners and operators need and expect from their sideline seating.

    As such, nothing ruins a good day at the field more than a mishap on the bleachers due to a lack of care and maintenance. With this in mind, we wanted to touch on a few easy tips for keeping your bleacher seating in game-day condition for many years to come.


    Over time, outdoor bleachers are subject to much abuse from our dear friend, Mother Nature. Depending on where you are located geographically, your outdoor seating could be subject to rain, sleet, hail, high winds, snow, the hot sun, or any combination of the aforementioned.

    Proper and timely inspections go a long way in assessing any safety risks and can be completed quite easily. As an organization that is devoted to spectator safety, we proudly offer Orange Zone inspection services for those looking for detailed service but can also offer advice to those with staff and resources to take care of it on their own. Look for loose hardware, corroded hardware and any welds that might need repair on a regular basis. If anything looks terribly out of place, ensure you call a reputable organization to assess and fix any items that might need repair to mitigate the risk of injury.

    Code Updates

    If your seating was purchased from a reputable supplier or manufacturer, they were likely built to the safety codes at the time of manufacturing. As most of us are aware, these codes are often updated over time so it is always a good idea to stay abreast of national and international building and safety codes and ensure that your seating is still within the requirements.


    Simple Maintenance

    As we stated above, weather can be of chief concern when it comes to outdoor equipment and if you reside in a particularly moist or wet region, ensure that the seating is kept dry and clean as much as possible. Further considerations for those in areas that experience significant rainfall or humidity involves taking additional slip-resistant approaches to your bleachers. This can be done at the time of manufacturing for new builds but can also be retrofitted on some existing seating structures as well.




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