Utilizing Concealed Floor Sockets for Indoor Volleyball Systems

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Nov 5, 2015 4:00:00 AM


    For most educational facilities, indoor volleyball is a staple sport played in gymnasiums, particularly as we shift into the winter season. For most facilities, setting up for volleyball practice and games can be relatively time-consuming and can often require a number of teachers or support staff to physically set up the nets.

    While ceiling-suspended volleyball systems are available, for most facilities they may not be necessary or within their budget constraints. To alleviate some of the set-up time, we proudly carry and install a number of volleyball accessories that can be permanently placed within the gymnasium flooring and provide added stability during play.

    Floor Sockets & Sleeves


    These accessories make a world of difference when planning and setting up a volleyball system, especially in busy facilities where multiple sports are played. These sockets are installed right into the gymnasium floor and are compatible with both floating and non-floating synthetic gym flooring. Each socket is constructed of heavy-gauge steel for optimum stability and support and allow volleyball uprights to be removed efficiently and stored out of the way during other court activities. Sizing varies based on each facility’s unique needs, so inside diameters are available in 4’, 3.5” or 3” sizes and you can choose from 12”, 10” and 9” depths. Obviously, the deeper these sockets are placed within your flooring, the greater the stability and strength provided for your volleyball nets.

    Brass Locking Cover Plates


    A fantastic finishing touch to your floor sockets are durable brass or chrome alloy locking cover plates. These plates are used to cover exposed floor sockets when the volleyball posts are not in use and the gymnasium is being used for other activities or events. All installation materials such as screws are completely concealed when the cover plate is in the close position and provide a streamlined and flat surface. Inside diameter of all cover plates measures 5” with a total diameter of 6.25” to 8”, depending on the model selected.



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