We’re Back – Covid-19 Update

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    May 1, 2020 5:20:01 AM


    The truth is, we never actually left. Instead, we pivoted, shifted and adjusted. We kept our employees safe. We provided them with the external resources required to do their jobs and they did just that.

    While the hallways of our office were empty and our manufacturing facility quiet, we were active in our homes. Creating make-shift home offices, we took to our kitchen or dining room tables to take phone calls and answer emails from customers, partners and team members.

    Much the same as everything else we have been through in our 40-years in the athletic infrastructure and equipment industry, we made it work.

    With the unique challenges that the past six weeks have presented, we are moving forward. One safe step at a time.

    Now we are back in the office. We are back in our warehouse. We are back in our manufacturing facility. We are back to work - but with some significant changes to our operations.

    We are implementing rotating schedules for our front office staff. We’ve taken all safety precautions to maintain physical distancing guidelines along with the proper sanitation procedures to keep our staff and clients safe.

    We’ve got the lights on and we are preparing and shipping orders of all shapes and sizes. We are building a better game through all of this and trust that you and the ones you love most are navigating safely through these strange times.

    We hope to see everyone in person when the time comes but until then, know that our team remains at your service and that we are still here for you, our partners, customers, family and friends.


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