When Size Matters, Choose Our Kodiak 3200 Series Telescopic Bleachers

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    May 31, 2019 4:02:00 AM


    When it comes to indoor bleacher seating, the options can be endless and the choice of product selected ultimately depends on the requirements of each individual facility.

    In the case of simple auxiliary seating, our smaller tip and roll bleachers are typically the best choice, allowing facility operators to quickly and easily move and place these small bleachers on an as-needed basis.

    When accommodation for more spectators is required in limited spaces such as gymnasiums, our telescopic bleachers quickly become the best choice. Available in a number of configurations and sizes, our Kodiak 2400 series solves the issue of providing ample seating in a limited space. From elementary schools, to high schools, our most popular telescopic units are easily customized to fit most capacity requirements and available spaces but when the need arises for yet another level of indoor bleacher seating, nothing holds a candle to the Kodiak 3200 series systems.

    These systems are large and are often suited for larger gymnasiums and auditoriums found in colleges and universities across Canada and the United States.

    Operating in the same fashion as our smaller 2400 series, these larger bleachers are completely customizable, are typically operated electrically to ensure smooth and reliable operation and can accommodate up to thousands of spectators.

    A Custom Approach

    As stated above, these large systems (along with our smaller units) are completely customizable. Working with specific spaces in gymnasiums or other facilities, our skilled design team is enlisted to ensure that the specified seating requirements are safely and effectively taken into account with the space available for installation.

    While many of our telescopic units are constructed using bench or contour seat modules for seating, these larger bleacher systems are often equipped with comfortable fold-down chairs, which are available in a number of options such as plastic seat backs, padded seats or fully upholstered chairs. Each row of seating is easily folded up or down on a row-by-row basis and gives these indoor bleachers another level of design and versatility.


    In addition to the high capacity and amount of possible customization, these large indoor bleachers are also available with a completely accessible design. Much the same as our outdoor grandstands, these bleachers can easily accommodate custom cut outs to allow for wheelchair seating, remaining compliant with OADA and ADA legislation surrounding accessible seating for all.

    Electric Operation

    As with any telescopic system of this size (6 rows and up technically), they are equipped with a comprehensive electric operation. Using a hand-held wand, these large bleacher systems are opened or closed in a matter of minutes, all with the touch of a button.


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