When You Should Add Sleepers to Your Outdoor Bleacher System

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Jul 25, 2019 4:22:00 AM


    For us, not much looks better than a fresh cut sports playing field as the morning sun rises high above the bleacher structures that adorn the sidelines. While they might be empty at that point in the day, we are constantly reminded of everything they bring to the events, to both the athletes and spectators throughout the year.

    We are all undoubtedly familiar with their function – to seat throngs of fans who attend every game to cheer on family, friends and the athletes of tomorrow.  When it comes to ordering a bleacher structure for an athletic field or facility, questions about configuration and seating capacity are often the first to surface, especially for those unfamiliar with the process.

    The truth is, bleachers can be quite complex and nuanced in their size and are often highly customized in design. Starting from the construction materials (aluminum, etc.), number of rows and target capacities are great places to start and something every member of our team is always happy to help with. When it comes to upgrades and necessary add-ons, it can be incredibly situational, bringing us to the topic of sleepers.

    What Are Sleepers?

    In some circles, they are also referred to as sills or mud sills, depending on who you might be talking to. No matter how you refer to them, they are designed to solve the same problem – to provide ample weight distribution for seating structures placed on uneven ground such as turf or granular base.



    Once again, depending on where you look, you might find a number of different types of bleacher sleepers. In some cases, they are constructed of wood, which obviously lends itself to eventual replacement. For this reason alone, we have designed a highly durable sleeper system constructed entirely using our high-density polyethylene (HDPE) to stand up not only to the test of time but also to the changing weather conditions throughout the year.


    When pouring a concrete pad is not an option for your installation of new bleachers, these 2’ x 6’ boards made entirely of recycled products are quickly and easily fastened to the underside of your stringer frame.

    In addition to optimal weight distribution, these sleeper systems also assist facility operators and staff by allowing them to move the structures while mitigating the risk of damage to the turf or grass surfaces below.


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